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A. The Nature of Matter: 1. The student understands that all matter has observable, measurable properties.:6-8:The student...

SC.A.1.3.1 Add Website - Add Activity

identifies various ways in which substances differ (e.g., mass, volume, shape, density, texture, and reaction to temperature and light).

Activity: Who's Denser - Boys or Girls?

Activity: Proton + Neutron = MASS

SC.A.1.3.2 Add Website - Add Activity

understands the difference between weight and mass.

SC.A.1.3.3 Add Website - Add Activity

knows that temperature measures the average energy of motion of the particles that make up the substance.

Activity: Ring My Bell Jar

SC.A.1.3.4 Add Website - Add Activity

knows that atoms in solids are close together and do not move around easily; in liquids, atoms tend to move farther apart; in gas, atoms are quite far apart and move around freely.

SC.A.1.3.5 Add Website - Add Activity

knows the difference between a physical change in a substance (i.e., altering the shape, form, volume, or density) and a chemical change (i.e., producing new substances with different characteristics).

SC.A.1.3.6Add Website - Add Activity

knows that equal volumes of different substances may have different masses.

Activity: Density of Different Liquids

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