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Health and Physical Education

A. Physical Education Literacy: 3. The student analyzes the benefits of regular participation in physical activity.: 9-12: The student...

PE.A.3.4.1 Add Website - Add Activity

knows that physical activity reduces certain health risk factors.

Health Tips from Your Hospital

Gives info related to exercise and its value in preventing heart disease and in leading a productive life.

Just Move - American Heart Association Fitness Center

This site gives information on the health benefits of exercise. Has exercise plans for individuals of various health status.

The Heart: An Online Exploration

Explains how to have a healthy heart

PE.A.3.4.2 Add Website - Add Activity

knows how regular physical activity can relieve the stress of everyday life.

PE.A.3.4.3 Add Website - Add Activity

identifies the effects of age, gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and culture upon physical activity preferences and exercise habits.

PE.A.3.4.4 Add Website - Add Activity

knows the role of physical activity in the prevention of disease and the reduction of health-care costs.

PE.A.3.4.5 Add Website - Add Activity

evaluates the effectiveness and use of community resources related to fitness.

PE.A.3.4.6 Add Website - Add Activity

understands the importance of making a commitment to physical activity as an important part of one's lifestyle.

PE.A.3.4.7 Add Website - Add Activity

understands the utilization of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates as related to physical activity.

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