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C. Geometry and Spatial Sense: 1. The student describes, draws, identifies, and analyzes two- and three-dimensional shapes.: PreK-2: The student...

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understands and describes the characteristics of basic two- and three-dimensional shapes.

Martians at the Market,1167,1288,00.html

This activity from the Sesame Street website helps children recognize shapes.

Thinking Fountain: Shapes (Theme Cluster)

This collection of web pages focuses on the theme of shapes and the fact that there are always shapes in the world around us.

The Math Forum

Activity: It's All In The Shape

Activity: Pattern Block Crowns

Shapes Themes and Act. for Kids

Easy Songs to teach the children about shapes...

Activity: Three Dimensional Shapes

Thinking Fountain- Shapes Cluster

Identify plane figures.Identify geometric shapes in objects from the environment. Investigate congruency.

Buzzing With Shapes

An activity that teaches students about shapes.

Activity: Spilt Milk

Activity: Geometry

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