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B. Measurements: 2. The student compares, contrasts, and converts within systems of measurement (both standard/nonstandard and metric/customary).: PreK-2: The student...

MA.B.2.1.1 Add Website - Add Activity

uses direct (measured) and indirect (not measured) comparisons to order objects according to some measurable characteristics (length, weight).

Reber's K-6 Resources

Teacher resources and individual lessons

What's Big, What's Little

Children will reinforce their understanding of concepts of bigger and smaller while having fun in a noncompetetive atmosphere. This activity integrates math, social studies, and language arts.

Let Me Count The Ways

AIMS Activity in which students weigh real life objects using customary and non-customary units and then compare them by ordering them from lightest to heaviest. Provides guiding questions, extensions to the activity, and additional information on measurement and what students at this age can internalize.

Activity: 'Round the Apple

MA.B.2.1.2 Add Website - Add Activity

understands the need for a uniform unit of measure to communicate in real-world situations.

Non standard measuring

Substitute Viola Swamp from "Miss Nelson Is Missing" has lost all the measuring tools. She substitutes candy. Students write about this hands-on activity.

Measurement Resources:Elementary School Lessons

A good source for lesson plans on measurement at the elementary level.

A+ Math

This site is good for teachers to make flashcards, worksheets, and games.

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