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Language Arts

E. Literature:2. The student responds critically to fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama.:PreK-2:The student...

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uses personal perspective in responding to a work of literature, such as relating characters and simple events in a story or biography to people or events in his or her own life.

Forms of Poetry for Children

This site provides access to lessons designed to illustrate various forms of poetry for elementary students. Examples of each form are given.

Activity: Stone Soup

LA.E.2.1.2 Add Website - Add Activity

recognizes rhymes, rhythm, and patterned structures in children's texts.

Puffin Books Website

An excellent and vibrant website that enhances literature experiences for young children. Be sure to click on the "Fun Stuff" link.

Haiku for People

Site that gives several sample HAIKU poems. Poems are divided by topic and author.

R and R: Repetition and Rhyme

The site gives ideas and activities for teaching reading using rhyming words and repetition. The books are ones with repeated phrases that you will find in your classroom library.

Welcome to Seussville

Great Dr. Seuss activities for elementary students but most need shockwave.

Grandpa Tucker's Rhymes and Tales

This page contains links to various poems and short stories that the teacher can use as examples to illustrate rhymes, rhythms and patterned structures.

Children's Haiku Garden

A host of children's art work and poems are available on line. Children have the opportunity to publish their art work and associated haiku on this international web site.

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