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Language Arts

D. Language:2. The student understands the power of language.:3-5:The student...

LA.D.2.2.1 Add Website - Add Activity

understands that word choices can shape reactions, perception, and beliefs.

LA.D.2.2.2 Add Website - Add Activity

identifies and refers to symbol, theme, simile, alliteration, and assonance in oral and written texts.

Busy As a Bee

This web site covers the topic of similes.

LA.D.2.2.3 Add Website - Add Activity

recognizes different techniques used in media messages and their purposes.

LA.D.2.2.4 Add Website - Add Activity

selects and uses appropriate technologies to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of communication.

LA.D.2.2.5 Add Website - Add Activity

understands that a variety of messages can be conveyed through mass media.

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