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Language Arts

C. Listening, Viewing, and Speaking: 1. The student uses listening strateiges effectively.: 9-12: The student...

LA.C.1.4.1 Add Website - Add Activity

selects and uses appropriate listening strategies according to the intended purpose, such as solving problems, interpreting and evaluating the techniques and intent of a presentation, and taking action in career-related situations.

LA.C.1.4.2 Add Website - Add Activity

describes, evaluates, and expands personal preferences in listening to fiction, drama, literary nonfiction, and informational presentations.

LA.C.1.4.3 Add Website - Add Activity

uses effective strategies for informal and formal discussions, including listening actively and reflectively, connecting to and building on the ideas of a previos speaker, and respecting the viewpoints of others.

LA.C.1.4.4 Add Website - Add Activity

identifies bias, prejudice, or propaganda in oral messages.

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