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Language Arts

B. Writing: 2. The student writes to communicate ideas and information effectively.: 6-8: The student...

LA.B.2.3.1 Add Website - Add Activity

writes text, notes, outlines, comments, and observations that demonstrate comprehension of content and experiences from a variety of media.

English Language Arts Writing

A guide to writing a research paper.

Activity: Endangered Species Project

Activity: Presidential Scrapbook

Activity: Each One Answers--Each One Wins

LA.B.2.3.2 Add Website - Add Activity

organizes information using alphabetical, chronological, and numerical systems.

LA.B.2.3.3 Add Website - Add Activity

selects and uses appropriate formats for writing, including narrative, persuasive, and expository formats, according to the intended audience, purpose, and occasion.

Northwest Regional Laboratories

NWREL provides the Six Traits of Writing Model to assess and revise writing.

Rewriting & the Six Traits

Questions that students should ask themselves to improve the quality of their writing products are listed according to the six traits.

Paradigm On-line Writing Assistant: Argument

Provides information on how to organize a piece of writing for an argumentative essay.

The Building Blocks to Children's Creative Writing

From Yale-New Haven Teacher's Institute comes a curriculum unit on creative writing. The author explores words, sentence arrangements, different forms of writing, and the organization of a story. The site includes a link to volumes of curriculum units by Fellows of the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute 1978-1997.

Activity: Power Paragraphs

Activity: Unusual Pet Research

Activity: Following Directions for Making a sandwich

LA.B.2.3.4 Add Website - Add Activity

uses electronic technology including databases and software to gather information and communicate new knowledge.

Activity: Animals of Sea World

Activity: Globetrotters: A World-Wide Rap Session !

Offers dictionary, thesaurus, word of the day activities, available in multiple languages

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