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Language Arts

A. Reading:2. The student constructs meaning from a wide range of texts.:9-12:The student...

LA.A.2.4.1 Add Website - Add Activity

determines the main idea and identifies relevant details, mehods of development, and their effectiveness in a variety of types of written material.

Activity: Utopia, Sir Thomas Moore

LA.A.2.4.2 Add Website - Add Activity

determines the author's purpose and point of view and their effects on the text.

The Salem Witch Trials 1692

This web site gives background information on the Salem Witch Trails. This information is helpful to understand Arthur Miller's The Crucible. I use this information to compare and contrast this information with information regarding the McCarthy Witch Trial to help students understand the author's intent and purpose in creating this play.

LA.A.2.4.3 Add Website - Add Activity

describes and evaluates personal preferences regarding fiction and nonfiction.

LA.A.2.4.4 Add Website - Add Activity

locates, gathers, analyzes, and evaluates written information for a variety of purposes, including research projects, real-world tasks, and self-improvement.

CyberBee's ready Reference Scavenger Hunt

This is a good scavenger hunt using the internet as a reference resource.

Activity: To Kill a Mockingbird Newspaper Project

LA.A.2.4.5 Add Website - Add Activity

identifies devices of persuasion and methods of appeal and their effectiveness.

Activity: Challenge Game

LA.A.2.4.6 Add Website - Add Activity

selects and uses appropriate study and research skills and tools according to the type of information being gathered or organized, including almanacs, government publications, microfiche, news sources, and information services.

Encarta Challenge Game

Game for students to explore encarta to find answers to trivia questions.

LA.A.2.4.7 Add Website - Add Activity

analyzes the validity and reliability of primary source information and uses the information appropriately.

Zora Neale Hurston, the WPA in Florida, and the Cross City Turpentine Camp

This site contains photographs, primary source documents, and lesson plans related to Hurston's work with the WPA in Florida. Hurston's essay is one of the few written, first-hand accounts of the lives of turpentine workers during the 1930's.

LA.A.2.4.8 Add Website - Add Activity

synthesizes information from multiple sources to draw conclusions.

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