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Language Arts

A. Reading: 2. The student constructs meaning from a wide range of texts.: PreK - 2: The student...

LA.A.2.1.1 Add Website - Add Activity

determines the main idea or essential message from text and identifies supporting information.


This site requires the comprehension of written directions to perform a task. 2nd grade level

My Schoolhouse

Interactive lessons in Reading and Math. Self-paced lerning with automatic on-line correction of lessons. Free student reports available.

LA.A.2.1.2 Add Website - Add Activity

selects material to read for pleasure.

Book Adventure

It is a free, non-profit, kid oriented, on-line reading program designed to encourage students in grades K-8 to read more often, for longer periods of time, with greater understanding.

LA.A.2.1.3 Add Website - Add Activity

reads for information to use in performing a task and learning a new task.

LA.A.2.1.4 Add Website - Add Activity

knows strategies to use to discover whether information presented in a text is true, including asking other and checking another source.

LA.A.2.1.5 Add Website - Add Activity

uses simple materials of the reference system to obtain information.

Activity: Vocabulary Memory Game for Second Grade

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