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Language Arts

A. Reading:1. The student uses the reading process effectively:3-5:The student...


uses a table of contents, index, headings, captions, illustrations, and major words to anticipate or predict content and purpose of a reading selection.

Activity: The Night Crossing

Activity: The Layers of the Rain Forest Narrative Story

TeachersFirst: Laura Ingalls Wilder Author Study

Author study of Laura Ingalls Wilder developed by fifth grade English teacher Barbara Thoroson.

Activity: Sparkle


selects from a variety of simple strategies, including the use of phonics, word structure, context clues, self-questioning, confirming imple predictions, retelling, and sing visual cues to identify words and construct meaning from various texts, illustrations, graphics, and charts.

Grandpa Tuckers Ryhmes and Stories

This website contains silly poems, funny songs and short stories. It has great audio and graphics that will captivate the students and really get them interested. Also has suggested language projects for the teacher.


uses simple strategies to determine meaning and increase vocabulary for reading, including the use of prefixes, suffixes, root words, multiple meanings, antonyms, synonyms, and word relationships.

Alan Cooper's Homonyms

A list, from A-Z, of homonyms and their definitions.

Activity: topic sentence


clarifies understanding by rereading, self-correction, summarizing, checking other sources, and class or group discussion.

Kid Pub

The students reads stories written by other students and uses multiple problem solving strategies such as rereading, skipping unknown words and reading on.

Activity: Literary Corner

The Moon Lit Road

Interactive multicultural stories from the old south. The stories include interesting graphics, a story teller and text version of spooky stories students would enjoy. Great for sharing spooky stories in October.

Activity: Project Disaster

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