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Language Arts

A. Reading:1. The student uses the reading process effectively:PreK - 2:The student...

LA.A.1.1.1 Add Website - Add Activity
predicts what a passage is about based on its title and illustrations.

Activity: Daily News Piece

Activity: Figure out the Word

Activity: Hello Everybody

Activity: Learning about trees

LA.A.1.1.2 Add Website - Add Activity
identifies words and constructs meaning from text, illustrations, graphics, and charts using the strategies of phonics, word structure, and context clues.

Reading with Your Children at Home

Suggestions for how parents can extend classroom reading activities at home.

Activity: Reading and Beading

Activity: Begining sounds

Activity: Phonemic Awareness

Activity: Word Wizard

Activity: Shopping for Sounds

Billy Bear's Alphabet Lesson

It teaches the students the alphabet by showing the letter on the screen, then four pictures that go with each letter. After that the students are able to pick out the picture that matches each letter.


A comprehensive reading and writing summer program. Education degree not needed for instructor - only dedication and love to tutor at risk students in reading and writing.

LA.A.1.1.3 Add Website - Add Activity
uses knowledge of appropriate grade-, age-, and developmental-level vocabulary in reading.

Activity: Colored Ice Cubes (lesson to integrate with a colors unit)


Activity: Home-made Bingo


Children explore Dr. Suess books, games and are able to talk with the characters.

Billy Bear's Alphabet Games

Children will click on letters and then pictures with the same begining sounds will appear.

Eric Carle

In this website, you receive a lot of detailed information about Eric Carle. This includes a biography, Newsletter, list of all his books, which includes a brief description and publication date and a guest book that you can sign.


Children's Storybook Online

This website is perfect for the emergent or new reader. You are able to choose from a variety of stories than can be read to your students. For example, the link "Animals You Can See at the Zoo" provides animation as well as animal sounds, giving your students the feeling of actually being at the zoo. There is a link to "Buzzy Bee Riddles" that provides kids with cute riddles and answers. There is a link to a maze, a coloring book link, and book reviews that give your students a current listing of books to read on their own.

LA.A.1.1.4 Add Website - Add Activity
increases comprehension by rereading, retelling, and discussion.

Kete Ashanti Royal Dance

The web site is about african dancing and drumming. The videos and movies are excellent.

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