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Foreign Languages

B. Culture: 1. The student understands the relationship between the perspectives and products of culture studied and uses this knowledge to recognize cultural practices.
: 6-8: The student...

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uses appropriate verbal and nonverbal communication for daily activities with peers and adults.

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participates in age-appropriate cultural activities (e.g., sports-related activities, music, television, and games).

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recognizes simple themes, ideas, or viewpoints on social behavior or social interaction in various settings (e.g., school, family, and immediate community).

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identifies and discusses various aspects of the target culture (e.g., educational systems or institutions, means of transportation, and various rules).

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knows various expressive forms of the target culture such as popular music, dance, children's magazines, comic books, children's literature, and common or everyday artwork (e.g., designs typical of the culture and used in clothing, pottery, ceramics, paintings, and architectural structures) and the influence of these forms on the larger community.

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