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Foreign Languages

B. Culture: 1. The student understands the relationship between the perspectives and products of culture studied and uses this knowledge to recognize cultural practices.
: 3-5: The student...

FL.B.1.2.1 Add Website - Add Activity

recognizes various activities and celebrations in which children participate in the target culture (e.g., games, songs, birthday celebrations, storytelling, dramatizations, and role playing).

The Heritage & Culture of Puerto Rico

This unit is intended to provide students with a fuller picture of the (Hispanic) Puerto Rican culture.

Culture Quest

Students can choose different countries and obtain descriptons of games, holidays, parks, maps, and the culture.

Holidays on the Net

Highlights major holidays with brief history, songs, plays, coloring pages and related stories from different cultures.

Enrichment Programs (Elementary Spanish)

Site includes history of pinatas, directions for making a pinata, maps indicating countries where Spanish is spoken, pages on Spanish holidays with some Spanish text.

Juegos y Canciones para los Ninos

good list of Spanish games and songs for children

Activity: La Befana

Chanukah 99

Chanukah guide,games,multimedia,recipes,etc.

Culture Quest World Tour

Students can tour countries noting similarities and differences to their own culture.

FL.B.1.2.2 Add Website - Add Activity

identifies patterns of behavior and the values, beliefs, or viewpoints typical of children in the target culture.

FL.B.1.2.3 Add Website - Add Activity

experiences and reacts to expressive and day-to-day aspects of the target culture enjoyed or produced by groups or individuals who belong to the target culture (e.g., children's songs, simple selections from authentic children's literature, artwork, typical foods, and types of dwellings).

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