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Foreign Languages

B. Culture: 1. The student understands the relationship between the perspectives and products of culture studied and uses this knowledge to recognize cultural practices.
: PreK-2: The student...

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participates in age-appropriate cultural activities (e.g., games, songs, birthday celebrations, storytelling, dramatizations, and role playing).

December Days: Ten activities to Celebrate a month of special days

Cultural diversity is explored and holidays are given backgrounds and explainations of why different cultures do different things.

FL.B.1.1.2 Add Website - Add Activity

recognizes patterns of social behavior or social interaction in various settings (e.g., school, family, or immediate community).

Includes a variety of holiday descriptions and activities including Kwanza and Hanukkah

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recognizes various familiar objects and norms of the target culture (e.g., toys, dresses, and typical foods).

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