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Foreign Languages

A. Communication: 2. The student understands and interprets written and spoken language on a variety of topics.: 9-12: The student...

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obtains and processes information in spoken or written form on topics of academic, cultural, and historical interest, near the level of an educated native speaker of the language.


Zut! provides a comprehensive set of interactive activities for French teachers and learners, featuring more than 400 exercises, over 100 of which have audio samples of native French speakers. It is an easily navigated resource, organised for each year of study and includes exercises for the interactive whiteboard.

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understands the main ideas and significant details of extended discussions, presentations, and feature programs on radio and television, in movies, and in other forms of media designed for use by native speakers.

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reads authentic written materials and analyzes them orally or in writing (e.g., describes characters, plot, personal reactions, and feelings).

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understands various aspects of and relationships between the arts, music, literature, history, politics, or economics as presented through a film or book produced by the target culture.

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