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Foreign Languages

A. Communication: 1. The student engages in conversation, expresses feelings and emotions, and exchanges opinions.: 6-8: The student...

FL.A.1.3.1 Add Website - Add Activity

exchanges information with peers and familiar adults orally and in writing about topics of common interest and about the target culture (e.g., personal relationships, events in the past, or academic and cultural interests).

FL.A.1.3.2 Add Website - Add Activity

interacts with fluent native or neo-native users of the target language, with sufficient skill to gather information necessary for a simple project.

La Pagina de la Sra. Robledo / Mrs. Rebledo's Homepage

Describes "Lenguaje 6", a course designed for students in the International Studies Program who speak Spanish and want to improve their formal knowledge of the language.

FL.A.1.3.3 Add Website - Add Activity

uses appropriate vocabulary and cultural expressions to express the failure to understand a message and to request additional information (i.e., understands how to bridge gaps in communication in the target language).

FL.A.1.3.4 Add Website - Add Activity

uses repetition, rephrasing, and gestures effectively to assist in communicating spoken messages.

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