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Educator Pages in Pasco County

* Indicates InTech 2000 Blazing CyberTrails Certified Master Trainer

@ Indicates InTech 2000 Sailing the CyberSeas Certified Master Trainer

Clem Armstrong

Vanie O. Benedetto

JoAnn Branham

Claudia Conner

Penny Crowe

Joe Denitto

Shirley Dieterich

Craig Dumais

Marion Durden

Teresa Greenlee

Mike Gunn

Tammy Hanlon *@

Rae Hertz

Ann Sargent LaRoue

Cheryl Jacomet

A. Karen Marler

Caryn McDermott @

Karen Michalak

Deborah L. Niles

Kirk Pitts

Camille Reynolds

Barb Salmi

David Scanga @

Leslie Smith

Terry Stanley

Shannon Thompson

Jean Marie Whaley *@

Cathern Wildey @

Valerie Wilkerson @

David Wolf

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