About InTech 2000

Contact: Henry Pollock

A collaboration of the Miami Museum of Science and the Area Centers for Educational Enhancement. Sponsored by the Florida Department of Education and BellSouth.

This summer, 65 teacher trainers from every region in the State of Florida will participate in a four-day trainer institute entitled Blazing CyberTrails. This Western-themed institute will prepare them to conduct workshops on Navigating the Web, Conducting On-line Research, Evaluating On-line Resources, Creating a WWW Collaborative, and Creating Web Pages.

Web sites with exemplary educational content which satisfies the Sunshine State Standards are highlighted throughout the workshop series. Participants will also take part in a game, called Web Site Round-up, in which they are challenged to find top rate Internet resources which could be used to enhance the instruction of specific benchmarks.

Trainers will also return home with information about the InTech 2000 Forum, a powerful Web-based tool. The Forum is the place to browse and exchange classroom activities and web sites related to Florida's Sunshine State Standards. The Web site also gives Web surfers a chance to meet other educators who have participated in InTech 2000 workshops. You can see the Forum at:

Several other mechanisms, such as an electronic mailing list, message board, and phone support, are also in place to assist trainers in the dissemination of workshop materials.

InTech 2000 will allow tens of thousands of teachers across the State of Florida to benefit from and contribute to the exciting world of the Internet.

For more information, contact Henry Pollock, 305-854-4247 ext. 282.

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