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This web site was designed to provide teachers across the state of Florida with an interactive database of web sites, activities, ideas, and assessments related to the Sunshine State Standards. Several different mechanisms are in place here to help you find what you're looking for. For more information about the Forum, contact the webmaster.


Browse through categories and subcategories to find standards and benchmarks. Teachers have added links to several of the benchmarks. The categories are structured in the same way as the Sunshine State Standards.


We'd like to hear from you! There are several ways to get more involved with this site. You can use our on-line forms to add a link that relates to a particular benchmark, add a classroom activity to enhance a bookmark, or simply send e-mail to the webmaster.


You can search the Forum for keywords, phrases, or benchmark codes. Click in the rectangular box, type keywords or benchmark codes, and click the search button. A list of web pages in the Forum which contain all of your keywords will be displayed. Go ahead, try it!


View pages created by participants in the InTech 2000 Institute. These pages relate home-grown ideas related to the Standards. Educator pages are indexed by educator and county. You can also click on the map of Florida to find educators in a particular county.

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