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Michael Gunn's Web Page

Welcome to my little practice home page. I am the Technology Specialist at Woodland Elementary School in Pasco County. I am responsible for providing technology training to our 115 staff members.

I also maintain web sites for our school (see above) and I have also created a cool web page that Netscape will start up with. It includes links to popular search tools and excellent educational links. It is updated weekly. Check it out at http://lovebug.pasco.k12.fl.us/~woodland/firstcontact.html


Favorite Links:

Tampa Tribune: Read the news on-line and search the classifieds!!

Research Magazine: Where I track my stocks and get lots of investment information.Excellent site!

Icon Factory: The worlds best icons for the Macintosh!

The Why Files: Great site for current science issues in the news.Written for kids!

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